Definition Edit

Wireline broadband Internet access service

is a service that uses existing or future wireline facilities of the telephone network to provide subscribers with Internet access capabilities.[1]

Overview Edit

Wireline broadband Internet access service, like cable modem service, is a functionally integrated, finished service that inextricably intertwines information-processing capabilities with data transmission such that the consumer always uses them as a unitary service. . . . [W]here wireline broadband Internet access service enables an end user to retrieve files from the World Wide Web, the end user has the capability to interact with information stored on the service provider's facilities. To the extent a provider offers end users a capability to store files on the service provider's computers to establish “home pages,” the consumer is utilizing the “capability for . . . storing . . . or making available information.” In short, providers of wireline broadband Internet access service offer subscribers the ability to run a variety of applications that fit under the characteristics stated in the information service definition. These characteristics distinguish wireline broadband Internet access service from other wireline broadband services, such as stand-alone ATM service, frame relay, gigabit Ethernet service, and other high-capacity special access services, that carriers and end users have traditionally used for basic transmission purposes. That is, these services lack the key characteristics of wireline broadband Internet access service — they do not inextricably intertwine transmission with information-processing capabilities.[2]

References Edit

  1. In the Matters of Appropriate Framework for Broadband Access to the Internet Over Wireline Facilities, 20 FCC Rcd. 14853, 14860 (2005).
  2. Id. at 14860-61 (footnotes omitted).

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