Definition Edit

A wireless cellular network is a telecommunications network managed by a service provider that supports smartphones, which offer the ability to provide data such as e-mail and Web browsing wirelessly over cellular networks, and cellular data cards.

Overview Edit

Cellular networks are managed by service providers who provide coverage based on dividing a large geographical service area into smaller areas of coverage called cells. As a mobile phone moves from one cell to another, a cellular arrangement requires active connections to be monitored and effectively passed along between cells to maintain the connection.

In addition to cellular phones, cellular networks support smartphones and cellular data cards. Smartphones offer more functionality than basic cellular phones, including e-mail and other office productivity applications and have extended expansion capabilities through peripheral card slots and other built-in wireless communications such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Cellular data cards allow laptop users to connect to the Internet anywhere cellular service is available. However, cellular data cards can only access the Internet if the user is within the service provider’s network coverage area.

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