Definitions Edit

A widget is

[a]n interactive graphic component of a user interface (such as a button, scroll bar, or menu bar), its controlling program, or the combination of both the component and program.[1]
screen-based control device, such as a push button, selection list, radio button or slider, that allows a user to interact with a website or other systems.
a graphic control on a Web page that allows the user to interact with it in some way. Widgets can also be easily posted on multiple Web sites, have the added benefit of hosting "live" content, and often take the form of on-screen tools (clocks, event countdowns, auction-tickers, stock market tickers, flight arrival information, daily weather, etc.).[2]

References Edit

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  2. FDA, Promotion of Food and Drug Administration-Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Media Tools; Notice of Public Hearing, 74 Fed. Reg. 48083 (Sept. 21, 2009).

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