Definition Edit

The Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite system provides essential communications services to U.S. warfighters, allies, and coalition partners during all levels of conflict short of nuclear war.

Overview Edit

The first satellite was launched in October 2007. Currently, six satellites are on orbit. The seventh and eight satellites are in production and scheduled for launch in 2016 and 2017.

"WGS has evolved to become the replacement to the DSCS constellation. The primary function of the WGS system is to provide high-capacity communications services into the wide variety of large, medium, small, and mobile deployed force terminals. The system enables intertheater and intratheater communications for sustaining bases and dispersed users. U.S. forces will use WGS to extend the ranges of their high-capacity data-transfer networks to other forces across the theater, to the sustaining bases, and to DISN points of presence."[1]

References Edit

  1. Joint Publication 6-0, at II-13.

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