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Definitions Edit

A website (also spelled web site and Web site) is a "group of related documents sharing a Web ‘address’. . . .” [1]

A website is

[a] location on the World Wide Web, accessed by typing its address (URL) into a Web browser. A Web site always includes a home page and may contain additional documents or pages.[2]
a set of interconnected webpages, prepared and maintained as a collection of information.[3]

Overview Edit

A website is stored on a Web server. The typical language that the pages of a website are written in is HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML). This language allows users to easily navigate between related pages or files. It also allows a related collec­tion of Web pages to be linked to another related collection of Web pages.

In general, commercial Web sites fall into at least one of eight possible categories: 1) search and portal, 2) storage and infrastructure, 3) information, 4) entertainment, 5) communication and social networking, 6) e-commerce, 7) brand and personal identity, and 8) crime.[4]


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