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Biometrics Edit

Watchlist is

a term sometimes referred to as open-set identification that describes one of the three tasks that biometric systems perform. It answers the questions: Is this person in the database? If so, who are they? The biometric system determines if the individual’s biometric template matches a biometric template of someone on the watchlist. The individual does not make an identity claim, and in some cases does not personally interact with the system whatsoever.[1]


Data Edit

A watch list is

an automated database[] that contain various types of data on individuals, from biographical data — such as a person’s name and date of birth — to biometric data such as fingerprints.[2]

Intelligence Edit

A watch List is a

list of words — such as names, entities, or phrases — which can be employed by a computer to select out required information from a mass of data.[3]

References Edit

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