Citation Edit

Christopher Parsons & Adam Molnar, Watching Below: Dimensions of Surveillance-by-UAVs in Canada (2014) (Executive summary) (full report not available online).

Overview Edit

This report responds to the questions of how and why Canadian authorities are adopting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and provides an outline of the current Canadian policy network that is investigating the privacy issues linked to authorities' uses of UAVs. In particular, the goal of this report is to contextualize the current uses of UAVs in Canada, and to consider the drawbacks, laws, and politics that are influencing the adoption of UAVs by Canadian authorities. The report considers where work is needed to develop democratically accountable and privacy-protective UAV policies in Canada, and issues a set of policy recommendations concerning safety, privacy, policing, and governance issues linked to UAV-based surveillance operations.

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