Definitions Edit

Emergency Edit

A warning

[is t]o notify in advance of possible harm or victimization as a result of information and intelligence gained concerning the probability of a crime or terrorist attack.[1]
[is] an advisory of the results of the assessment, likely targets, and recommended actions.[2]
typically follows an alert and provides more detailed information indicating what protective action should be taken.[3]

General Edit

A warning is

[t]o issue an advance notification of possible harm or victimization following the receipt of information or intelligence concerning the possibility of a crime or terrorist attack.[4]
1) A communication and acknowledgment of dangers implicit in a wide spectrum of activities by potential opponents ranging from routine defense measures to substantial increases in readiness and force preparedness and to acts of terrorism or political, economic, or military provocation; and 2) operating procedures, practices, or conditions that may result in injury or death if not carefully observed or followed.[5]

Overview Edit

A warning can be a:

References Edit

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