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Definition Edit

War driving is

a method of gaining entry into wireless computer networks using a laptop, antennas, and a wireless network adaptor that involves patrolling locations to gain unauthorized access.[1]
[r]ecursive searching for wireless access points in an attempt to access a communication network resulting in unauthorized access into a computing or control system domain.[2]

Overview Edit

"Wardriving is a specific kind of piggybacking. The broadcast range of a wireless access point can make internet connections possible outside your home, even as far away as your street. Savvy computer users know this, and some have made a hobby out of driving through cities and neighborhoods with a wireless-equipped computer — sometimes with a powerful antenna — searching for unsecured wireless networks. . . . Wardrivers often note the location of unsecured wireless networks and publish this information on web sites. Malicious individuals wardrive to find a connection they can use to perpetrate illegal online activity using your connection to mask their identities."[3]

References Edit

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