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Citation Edit

Council on Competitiveness, Vision for a 21st Century Information Infrastructure (May 1993).

Overview Edit

The Council on Competitiveness started a project on the 21st century infrastructure. Participating in this project were the many parties who provided and used the infrastructure, including cable companies, Regional Bell Operating Companies, long-distance carriers, cellular firms, computer hardware and software companies, banks, publishers, and universities.

While these groups did not agree on all issues, the Council hoped to develop a consensus to accelerate the deployment of an advanced information infrastructure. This vision statement represents such a consensus. The vision statement addressed the need for an advanced information infrastructure and covers the following issues: (1) why the information infrastructure is important; (2) where the United States stands; (3) what the vision is; (4) the roles of the government and the private sector; (5) where to go from here; and (6) what the next steps are in obtaining this goal.

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