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Virtual reality (VR) is generally a 3-D computer simulation, usually experienced through headgear, goggles and sensory gloves that allows the user to experience being present in a computer-generated environment, and to interact with the images being displayed there.

Virtual reality (VR) is

the popular name for an absorbing, interactive, computer-mediated experience in which a person, or persons, perceives and interacts through sensors and effecters with a synthetic (i.e., simulated) environment, and with simulated objects in it, as if it were real. The experience is characterized by inattention to the artificiality of the experience. The experience is provided by sensory stimuli generated by special human-computer interface (HCI) systems in response to the user’s movements or speech, which are detected by other interface systems and interpreted by computer.[1]

References Edit

  1. Virtual Reality and Technologies for Combat Simulation, at II.

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