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Definition Edit

A vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is

a form of MANET[] used for communication among vehicles and between vehicles and roadside equipment. Emerging VANET capabilities include vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I).[1]

Overview Edit

VANETs have some advantages over other MANETs, such as being better pow­ered (due to having the power to propel a vehicle) and having more computational capabilities (already having computers for on-board diagnostics). They do, however, have one significant challenge that many others do not: high-speed mobility. Radio communications can be greatly impeded by high speeds due to Doppler effects, more rapid node churn, and multi-path scatter. To address some of these issues, IEEE 802.11p (WAVE) was proposed.[2]

References Edit

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