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Definition Edit

A vector is a place where malicious code, such as viruses or worms, enter a computer or network. Some common vectors include:

A vector is "[t]he path an attacker takes to attack a network."[1]

Overview Edit

"Today it is common for an attack to have multiple vectors. A DDoS attack carried out by botnets along multiple vectors can interrupt services for days, weeks, or even months. More sophisticated attacks take advantage of vectors that amplify their strength through a process that generates exponential reverberations. The ability to amplify an attack, for instance by tricking a server into responding to a target with an even larger packet than what was originally sent, increases an already substantial asymmetric advantage."[2]

References Edit

  1. ICS-CERT, Common Cyber Security Language (full-text).
  2. Cyber Operations in DOD Policy and Plans: Issues for Congress, at 4.

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