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Application Edit

Validation is

[c]onfirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use of application have been fulfilled.[1]

Data Edit

Validation is

an effort to ensure that data are free of systematic error or bias and that what is intended to be measured is actually measured.[2]
[t]he process of making sure that data is correct and useful when checked against a set of data validation rules. These might include rules for package or file structure or specific file format profiles.[3]

Development Edit

Validation is

the process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements.[4]

Validation involves multiple phases of testing, including a combination of testing of individual components (unit testing), testing of entire systems (integration or systems testing), and in some cases, testing of a string of interdependent systems, including those outside of the organization (end-to-end testing).

EDI Edit

Validation means to check to see whether a document is the correct type for a particular EDI system, as agreed among the trading partners, in order to determine whether the document is going to or coming from an authorized EDI user.

Systems Edit

Validation is

the set of activities ensuring and gaining confidence that a system is able to accomplish its intended use, goals, and objectives (i.e., meet stakeholder requirements) in the intended operational environment.[5]
[t]he process of determining that an object or process is acceptable according to a pre-defined set of tests and the results of those tests.[6]

References Edit

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