Definitions Edit

European Union Edit

A user is

any legal entity or natural person using a publicly available electronic communications service, for private or business purposes, without necessarily having subscribed to that service.[1]

General Edit

A user (also referred to as an end user) is "[a] person or entity with authorized access"[2] to a computer or computer network, like the Internet.

A user is

[a]n individual who can receive information from, input information to, or modify information on, a system without a reliable human review. In a processing context, this also includes a process acting on behalf of a user. It is often convenient to refer to a user who is NOT a privileged user as a General User.[3]

Overview Edit

A user accesses and sends and receives data either through individual connections or through organizations such as universities and businesses. Users in this context include both those who use a computer or the Internet primarily to receive information, as well as content creators who use the Internet to distribute information to other end users.

References Edit

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  2. 45 C.F.R. §164.304.
  3. DCID 6/3, Glossary, App. B.

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