Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, United States Participation in INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization (ID-76-77) (Dec. 27, 1976) (not available online).

Overview Edit

A study of U.S. involvement in INTERPOL was conducted in response to questions on costs, authority for participation, and safeguards for U.S. citizens. The GAO sampled information requests from the National Central Bureau, which serves as the center for communication with INTERPOL.

Requests from foreign and U.S. sources usually concerned suspected crimes, but most involved criminals with no prior criminal records. Requesters often did not furnish adequate documentation. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies process requests of other INTERPOL bureaus, and have working relationships with foreign police. Information sent abroad by the Bureau did not include personal habits and political activities of Americans. After information was sent abroad, the Bureau was not advised of the outcome of cases.

The GAO recommended that the National Central Bureau: (1) improve the screening of, and insist on adequate documentation for, requests for information; (2) encourage other bureaus to report the disposition of cases; and (3) screen replies to be sent abroad.

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