Overview Edit

Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI) under jurisdiction of the Department of Energy (DOE) includes unclassified facility design information, operational information concerning the production, processing, or utilization of nuclear material for atomic energy defense programs, safeguards and security information, nuclear material, and declassified controlled nuclear weapon information once classified as Restricted Data (RD). Department of Defense (DoD) UCNI is unclassified information on security measures (including security plans, procedures and equipment) for the physical protection of DoD Special Nuclear Material (SNM), equipment, or facilities. Information is designated UCNI only when it is determined that its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to have a significant adverse effect on the health and safety of the public or the common defense and security by significantly increasing the likelihood of the illegal production of nuclear weapons or the theft, diversion, or sabotage of SNM, equipment, or facilities.[1]

References Edit

  1. Glossary of Security Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms, at 253.

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