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U.S. Public Diplomacy: Background and Current Issues

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Citation Edit

Kennon H. Nakamura & Matthew C. Weed, U.S. Public Diplomacy: Background and Current Issues (CRS Report R40989) (Dec. 18, 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The body of this report is divided into five sections.

  • The first section provides background information on U.S. public diplomacy, its legislative foundations, and the history of modern U.S. public diplomacy including the former USIA.
  • The second section discusses the abolishment of USIA and the transfer of its functions to the Department of State.
  • The third section discusses the current structure of public diplomacy within the Department of State as well as its budget and personnel levels.
  • The fourth section gives a detailed overview of some of the major related policy issues and perceived challenges to the effectiveness of U.S. public diplomacy, and proposed reforms and solutions.
  • The fifth section describes proposed legislation intended to reform and improve U.S. public diplomacy.

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