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Overview Edit

The U.S. National Central Bureau of INTERPOL (USNCB) represents the United States as an INTERPOL member and serves as the national point of contact for INTERPOL matters and coordinates international investigative cooperation between INTERPOL’s 188 member countries and the more than 18,000 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies in the United States.

USNCB can request information regarding ownership, previous investigations, vessels possibly involved in narcotics trafficking, cultural property and art work that might have been stolen, and any other information legally releasable from any of the INTERPOL member countries around the world. The degree of information available is determined by the laws of the countries from which the information is requested.

USNCB can place an INTERPOL international lookout for persons who have committed an extraditable offense in the United States and are believed to have fled to another country.

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