Overview Edit

The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit (U.S.-CCU) is an independent, non-profit research institute. It provides assessments of the strategic and economic consequences of possible cyber-attacks and cyber-assisted physical attacks. It also investigates the likelihood of such attacks and examines the cost-effectiveness of possible countermeasures.

Although the US-CCU aims to provide credible estimates of the costs of ordinary hacker mischief and white-collar crime, its primary concern is the sort of larger-scale attacks that could be mounted by criminal organizations, terrorist groups, rogue corporations, and nation states.

The reports and briefings the US-CCU produces are supplied directly to the government, to entire critical infrastructure industries, and to the public. The mission of the US-CCU is to provide America and its allies with the concepts and information necessary for making sound security decisions in a world where people's physical well-being increasingly depends on cyber-security.

The US-CCU is now affiliated with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

External resource Edit

  • Overview by the US‐CCU of the Cyber Campaign Against Georgia in August 2008 (Aug. 2009) (full-text).

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