Citation Edit

U.S. Cyber Command, Concept of Operations (2010).

Overview Edit

U.S. Cyber Command’s "Concept of Operations" generally describes the command and control relationships between U.S. Cyber Command and the geographic combatant commands. The "Concept of Operations" recognizes that a majority of cyberspace operations will originate at the theater and local levels, placing them under the immediate control of the geographic combatant commanders and their components, and recognizes that nearly all cyberspace operations can simultaneously affect the global, theater, and local levels because cyberspace operations can be virtually unconstrained by geography.

According to its Concept of Operations, when cyberspace operations is confined to the area of responsibility of one geographic combatant command, U.S. Cyber Command will act as a supporting commander to the geographic combatant commander. When the cyberspace operations impact global functions or create effects across the borders of more than one geographic combatant command’s area of responsibility, the geographic combatant commanders may support U.S. Cyber Command, as directed.

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