Overview Edit

Established in the context of the 2010 Lisbon U.S.-EU Summit, this Working Group serves as a framework for U.S.-EU collaboration to enhance cybersecurity and cybercrime activities and contribute to countering global cybersecurity threats. The Working Group focuses on four areas where cooperative approaches add significant value to both regions:

Since its creation, the Working Group has successfully conducted a transatlantic cyber exercise, organized information exchanges on national and regional cyber exercises, developed public-private workshops on industrial control systems, and jointly promoted National Cyber Awareness Month in the U.S. and Europe, among other activities.

The Working Group continues to focus on incident management and incident response, awareness raising, critical infrastructure protection, combatting botnets, promoting the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, and enhancing the security of domain names and Internet Protocol addresses.

The Working Group played a central role in the December 2012 launch of the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online.

Source Edit

  • White House, "FACT SHEET: U.S.-EU Cyber Cooperation" (Mar. 26, 2014) (full-text).

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