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Definition Edit

The Trusted Introducer (TI) provides European CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams) with a public repository that lists all known European CSIRTs and explains about the TI's accreditation service. This service is meant to do just that: facilitate trust by formally accrediting CSIRTs that are ready to take that step.

For a CSIRT to proceed from the status of "listed" to the status of "accredited" they need to go through a formalized accreditation scheme. Once "accredited" they gain access to the restricted TI repository: there they find the details about their fellow accredited CSIRTs, and several value-added services like readily downloadable contact lists and PGP-Keyrings, secure discussion fora, automatic RIPE Database, IRT-object registration and more.

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  • Trusted Introducer for Security and Incident Response Teams (full-text).

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