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Overview Edit

The Australian Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience (TISN) provides an environment where business and government can share vital information on security issues relevant to the protection of the Australian critical infrastructure and the continuity of essential services in the face of all hazards.

The TISN is made up of a number of Infrastructure Assurance Advisory Groups, and is overseen by the Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council (CIAC).

The TISN brings together the nine sectors that are considered critical to Australia:

  • Communications (Telecommunications (Phone, Fax, Internet, Cable, Satellites) and Electronic mass communications)
  • Energy (Gas, Petroleum fuels, Refineries, Pipelines, Electricity Generation and Transmission)
  • Banking and Finance (Banking, Finance, and Trading exchanges)
  • Food Supply (Bulk production, Storage, and Distribution)
  • Emergency Services
  • Health (Hospitals, Public health, and Research and development laboratories)
  • Mass Gatherings (Icons (e.g., Sydney Opera House) and places of mass gatherings)
  • Transport (Air traffic control, Road, Sea, Rail, and Inter-modal (Cargo distribution centers))
  • Utilities (Water, Waste water, and Waste management).

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