Overview Edit

The NSA's Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) was chartered by the U.S. Government to find and maintain suppliers of trusted microelectronic parts. TAPO has successfully developed a reliable source of parts that gives the Intelligence Community needed access to state-of-the-art commercial processes, fabrication tools and fabrication services. In so doing, TAPO has effective cost-avoidance advantages by not having to upgrade or replace government owned wafer fabrication tools. TAPO has made it possible for the Intelligence Community to design and obtain advanced mission-critical systems via commercial, [[state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Finally, TAPO's long-term contract assures long-term access to the latest and most capable commercial IC technologies in the world.

TAPO has established a contractual relationship with IBM to produce advanced microelectronics parts in a trusted environment. IBM maintains domestic facilities, providing capabilities to the government with yearly options through fiscal year 2013. Other facilities are currently under review including sources for design, packaging, test and fabrication.

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