Definition Edit

Trust Fraud is a commercial product (formerly known as "Fraudit"), which is intended to assess WHOIS data accuracy at the time of registration.

Overview Edit

  • The tool conducts a number of automated checks on a registrant's contact data during the registration process to identify a range of potential problems, such as invalid or undeliverable postal and e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers that are inoperable or not consistent with the addresses provided.
  • To accomplish this, Trust Factor attempts to verify a registrant’s information against a number of commercial databases of public information. The tool can correlate postal and e-mail addresses and can match telephone numbers with network addresses to verify that they are all valid.
  • Some federal officials and registrars questioned the general approach used by Trust Factor because it could involve potentially incorrect assumptions about a registrant’s location and how it correlates with addresses, ZIP codes, and phone numbers.

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