Citation Edit

Trilog Assoc., Inc. v. Famularo, 455 Pa. 243, 314 A.2d 287 (1974) (full-text).

Factual Background Edit

This is an appeal from a decree which permanently enjoined the appellants from engaging in various conduct allegedly in violation of their employment contracts with their former employer.

the injunction enjoined the appellants from: (1) performing computer related services for the Girard Bank or any other customer of Trilog; (2) disclosing or using any confidential information as to Trilog; (3) inducing present employees of Trilog from terminating their employment; (4) inducing former employees of Trilog to break their restrictive employment covenants; (5) inducing any customer of Trilog to violate its contract with Trilog; (6) interfering with Trilog's business relations; (7) keeping any copies of documents generated within Trilog whether authored by appellants or not and whether obtained as a result of their lawsuit or not. In addition, Famularo was enjoined from developing or exploiting a shareholders' record system.

Trial Court Proceedings Edit

A former employee had only learned general, not confidential, information about certain aspects of the banking business in the course of developing certain banking software.

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