Definition Edit

A trend analysis (also called second-phase reporting)

contains information on an event or series of events. The report includes an assessment of whether the intelligence is reliable, information about similar events, and background to familiarize the reader with the issue. Typically, this information has been compared with other sources of intelligence and vetted with other experts within the IC.[1]

Overview Edit

"A trend analysis report on an event includes an assessment of whether the relevant intelligence on the event is reliable, information on similar events, and background information to familiarize the reader with the issue. Typically, the intelligence used in trend analysis is compared with intelligence from other sources and vetted through experts within the IC. Second-phase reports are much more thorough than current intelligence/first-phase reports and may require weeks or months to produce."[2]

References Edit

  1. National Intelligence: A Consumer's Guide-2009, at 15.
  2. U.S. National Intelligence-An Overview 2013, at 52.

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