Citation Edit

The Aspen Institute, Communications and Society Program, Toward an Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (1995) (not available online).

Overview Edit

This book is an attempt to express rudimentary "first principles" in the application of democratic values to some of the most pressing issues inherent in the advent of a new information society. Its purpose is not to advance any particular political slant, but rather, to incorporate a balance of democratic values — libertarian, communitarian, egalitarian, and belief in market solutions — to the topics of: (1) the process of communication; (2) issues of privacy; and (3) information as property.

The principles enunciated in this volume seek to identify responsibilities of governments, of individuals, and of corporate citizens to balance the American Bill of Rights. Following an introduction to rights, responsibilities, and the nature of information, and presentation of the Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities with commentary, there are a series of background papers. Two appendices provide a list of conference participants and the text only of the Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

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