Definitions Edit

Computer security Edit

A threat assessment is the

[p]rocess of formally evaluating the degree of threat to an information system or enterprise and describing the nature of the threat.[1]

Criminal Edit

A threat assessment is

a strategic document that looks at a group’s propensity for violence or criminality or the possible occurrence of a criminal activity in a certain time or place."[2]

Security Edit

A threat assessment is

[a]n assessment of a criminal or terrorist presence within a jurisdiction integrated with an assessment of potential targets of that presence and a statement of probability that the criminal or terrorist will commit an unlawful act. The assessment focuses on the criminal’s or terrorist’s opportunity, capability, and willingness to fulfill the threat.[3]
[a] product or process of identifying or evaluating entities, actions, or occurrences, whether natural or man-made, that have or indicate the potential to harm life, information, operations, and/or property.[4]
[a] judgment, based on available intelligence, law enforcement, and open source information, of the actual or potential threat to one or more Departmental facilities/programs.[5]
[a]n evaluation of the intelligence collection threat to a program activity, system, or operation.[6]

References Edit

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