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Definitions Edit

Communications Edit

A thread is a group of associated messages and responses on message boards or newsgroups.

A thread is

[a] series of messages that have been posted as replies to each other in a discussion forum.[1]

Computing Edit

A thread is a defined group of instructions executed apart from other similarly defined groups, but sharing memory and resources of the process to which they belong.[2]

Protocol Edit

Thread is an IP-based wireless networking protocol. It relies on a low-power radio protocol called IPv6 over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Networks ("6LowPAN"). Unlike Wi-Fi, which sends large quantities of data and consumes large amounts of power, Thread sends small amounts of data and consumes very little power.

References Edit

  1. Promise and Problems of E-Democracy: Challenges of Online Citizen Engagement, at 130.
  2. NIST Special Publication 800-72, at 59.

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