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Information Industry Task Force, The Global Information Economy–The Way Ahead (The Goldsworthy Report) (July 1997).

Overview Edit

The Goldsworthy Report called for a new role for Government that might best be described as that of promoter, in the sense of trying to promote innovation and investment and providing direction for industry leaders. The report said that, in promoting Australian information industries which are innovative, financially sound and world competitive, "Government must provide leadership and lead by example."

The report suggested one of the ways this could be achieved would be to use Government outsourcing to stimulate industry development by allowing the commercialisation of IP. The model suggested by the report envisaged industry and Government agreeing to a single system of low-cost licensing, without upfront fees, for information and communication technology-related IP developed under Government contracts, including outsourcing contracts. The model anticipates that this strategy would provide appropriate incentives for collaborators to invest in commercialisation.

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