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Definitions Edit

A teleoperator system "consists of a human operator, a human-machine interface, and a telerobot." [1]

In a teleoperator system,

the machine is an electromechanical tool containing sensors and actuators (i.e., a telerobot) that effectively extend the operator's sensorimotor system and thereby allow him or her to sense and manipulate the real environment in new ways.[2]

Overview Edit

"In teleoperator systems, the human operator is connected by means of such displays and controls to a telerobot that can sense, travel through, and manipulate the real world."[3]

"Teleoperator systems have been used to conduct work in outer space and under the ocean; to perform a variety of tasks in connection with security, firefighting, nuclear plants, and hazardous waste removal; to assist in various types of military operations; to perform microsurgery; and to aid in the rehabilitation of individuals with severe physical disabilities."[4]

References Edit

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