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Definitions Edit

Telemetry is

[t]he collection and processing of information derived from non-communications electromagnetic radiations emitting from sources such as radio navigation systems (e.g., transponders), radar systems, and information/data signals emitted from monitoring equipment in a vehicle or device.[1]
[t]he science and technology of automatic data measurement and transmission, as by wire or radio, from remote sources, such as space vehicles, to a receiving station for recording and analysis.[2]

Overview Edit

"Telemetry applications rely critically on the always-on characteristics of broadband and the ability of broadband to multiplex many data streams (for example, to allow a medical device or an appliance to emit and transmit a data stream regardless of what else is going on over the broadband connection)."[3]

References Edit

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  2. Opsec Glossary of Terms.
  3. Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits, at 105.

See also Edit

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