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Telematics typically is any integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, also known as ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

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Telematics is

the integration of information and communications technology to send, receive, and store information. Telematics in vehicles includes emergency warning systems, global positioning systems, and integrated hands-free cell phones.[1]
telecommunication services supplementing conventional telegraphic or telephonic services, generally using teleprocessing techniques to permit a user to receive or send public or private information, or to effect operations such as file consultation, reservations, commercial or banking transactions.[2]
[t]he sending, receiving, and storing of information by way of telecommunication devices. In particular, the use of data collection devices in vehicles to gather and transmit diagnostic and tracking data.[3]

Wireless Edit

Telematics is

[a] wireless communications system designed for the collection and dissemination of information, particularly refers to vehicle-based electronic systems, vehicle tracking and positioning, on-line vehicle navigation and information systems and emergency assistance.[4]

Overview Edit

Examples of telematics services include: facsimile, teletex, videography, and telewriting.

References Edit

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