Definitions Edit

Teleconferencing is

the use of audio, video, or computer equipment linked through a communications system to enable geographically separated individuals to participate in a meeting or discussion.[1]
[a] general term for any conferencing system using telecommunications links to connect remote sites. There are many types of teleconferencing including: videoconferencing, computer conferencing, and audioconferencing.[2]

Overview Edit

"Teleconferencing has evolved from an expensive technology transmitting low-quality images to a technology so cheap that it is included as a standard feature in most new mobile communication devices. Today, on higher-end professional systems, a person can appear life size and at high enough resolution that a viewer can body language. In the future, virtual reality devices likely will make it possible for someone who is hundreds of miles away to seem within arm's reach, an illusion of proximity so good that both people might forget that what is being whispered between them privately is not traveling the virtual inch between their mouths and ears but actually is being carried through miles of cables or fiber optic lines."[3]

References Edit

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