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The Telecommunications Security Association is an international association made up of the Regional Bell Operating Companies, GTE, several Canadian telecommunications carriers, and a number of U.S. local exchange carriers.

TSA's primary information sharing directive is to inform and protect its members from the threat of network intrusions. TSA companies learn about network "hacking" incidents that have occurred in other companies and the possibility of these incidents occurring in their own company. TSA provides a forum for members to develop plausible solutions to numerous types of network intrusions. Finally, member companies work together to establish a defense to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Member companies have a long-standing partnership and do not share any information with nonmember companies, Government departments or agencies, or the public.

TSA utilizes e-mail and conference calls to inform members of network intrusions. Conference calls provide members with a real-time forum for solving problems and constructing risk management programs for the future.

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