Overview Edit

The primary purpose of the Federal CIO Council's Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee (TIS) is to provide the Federal CIO Community with a unified voice in advising NIST and other standards bodies regarding infrastructure technology standards. This will be implemented through established processes on their requirements for and experiences with infrastructure technology standards such as those around IPv6 and the USGCB. By providing a singular perspective on these NIST standards processes, this Subcommittee will enable greater accountability as it relates to the implementation of the initiatives in the purview of the TIS.

Further, it is expected that over time and with the concurrence of the SPC Co-Chairs, the TIS will make recommendations and provide input on technology areas which may benefit from standards, based on the value proposition to the Federal CIO Community and the availability of agency-based resources to support the activity.

A secondary purpose of the TIS is to establish a forum for the Strategy and Planning Committee (SPC) on behalf of the Federal CIO Council to provide feedback on technology infrastructure questions to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The Federal government operates as a single enterprise providing decision-making flexibility at the agency level. The TIS will provide an opportunity to allow agencies to have their voice, and as a community a collective voice, with respect to key infrastructure standardization activities.

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