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The Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology supports the U.S. Election Assistance Commission by providing recommendations on voluntary standards and guidelines related to electronic voting equipment and technologies. It is composed of 14 members selected from various standards boards and for their technical and scientific expertise related to voting systems and equipment.

NIST chairs and manages the TGDC, provides technical guidance in areas such as encryption, usability engineering and testing, and performs work to improve testing and conformity assessment programs for voting systems. As part of its development of new voting standards, NIST consults with TGDC subcommittees and holds regular subcommittee teleconferences and periodic TGDC meetings.

Teleconference audio archives, TGDC meetings, and TGDC meetings and presentations and related NIST work material are open to the public. The public may also view and submit comments and position statements to the TGDC.[1]

TGDC Charter Edit

The TGDC will act in the public interest to assist the Executive Director of the Election Assistance Commission in the development of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.

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  1. Technical Guidelines Development Committee Home Page

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