Definition Edit

TechStat (also called a TechStat Accountability Session) is

a face-to-face, evidence-based accountability review of an IT investment that results in concrete actions to address weaknesses and reduces wasteful spending by turning around troubled programs and terminating failed programs.[1]

Overview Edit

In the session, the agency CIO and other members of an agency's leadership team meet for one focused hour. They review a briefing that highlights the management of the investment, examines program performance data, and explores opportunities for corrective action. TechStat sessions conclude with clear next steps formalized in a memo and tracked to completion.

In many cases, the immediate result of a TechStat session is a concrete action plan, developed collaboratively to address issues and turn around the troubled or failing program. However, in some cases, a TechStat session may reveal that the best course of action for an investment is to temporarily halt or even terminate the program. Finding these failed programs sooner saves taxpayers money and promotes accountability to high standards and program management success.

References Edit

  1. Information Technology Reform: Progress Made; More Needs to Be Done to Complete Actions and Measure Results, at 5 n.f.

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