Overview Edit

The Task Force on Smart Disclosure: Information and Efficiency in Consumer Markets (TFSD) was established by action of the National Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology on July 25, 2011, and It completed its mandate on November 30, 2012. The TFSD was constituted in order to recommend approaches that Federal entities could take to facilitate the smart disclosure of data about consumer markets.

The Task Force studied diverse issues that affect the feasibility and effectiveness of smart disclosure, including: current best practices; technical considerations for data disclosure; legal issues; protection of proprietary information; privacy issues; cost-benefit considerations; and other issues. In addition to producing Smart Disclosure and Consumer Decision Making: Report of the Task Force on Smart Disclosure, the Task Force conducted outreach to federal and external stakeholders; supported the White House in the creation of the Smart Disclosure Community, a centralized platform for federal smart disclosure data.

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