Citation Edit

European Commission, Tackling Crime in our Digital Age: Establishing a European Cybercrime Centre (COM (2012) 140 final) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Drawing on a feasibility study, this Communication outlines the proposed core functions of the European Cybercrime Centre, explains why it should be located in Europol, and how it can be established. Resource implications will however need to be further assessed and provided for before the EC3 can become fully operational. The establishment of this Centre will be reflected, as appropriate, in the upcoming revision of Europol's legal basis.

It is proposed that the EC3 should focus on the following major strands of cybercrime:

(i) Cybercrimes committed by organised crime groups, particularly those generating large criminal profits such as online fraud;
(ii) Cybercrimes which cause serious harm to their victims, such as online child sexual exploitation; and
(iii) Cybercrimes (including cyber-attacks) affecting critical infrastructure and information systems in the Union.

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