Overview Edit

Many service contracts will have a suspension of services clause, which allows the service provider to suspend services to the customer under certain circumstances, such as abnormal use of the service, security risks, or delinquent payments.

Issues to be considered Edit

A consumer should consider the following best practices:

  • Ensure that the agreement specifies that advance notice will be given for all suspensions initiated by the service provider (minimum of 30 days), with the possible exception of well‐defined emergency situations.
  • Ensure that the agreement provides sufficient time to address the reasons for suspension (minimum of 60 days) before the effective date of the suspension.
  • Ensure that the agreement specifies that the consumer's content and data will not be deleted during a service suspension.
  • Ensure that advance notice will be given before termination occurs.
  • Ensure that payment will not be due for the suspension period if it is determined that the service provider incorrectly determined that the consumer was at fault.

Source Edit

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