Overview Edit

The Surveillance Science Advisory Group (SurvSAG) is an officially recognized workgroup of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists who have a vested interest in public health surveillance]] and, in addition to their regular duties, volunteer their time to advance the art and science of the field. To address the need to register the agency’s surveillance systems, SurvSAG created a sub-committee to define terms pertinent to surveillance practice and identify data elements that could be used for a registry. The SurvSAG membership participated in the sub-committee’s work by providing expert vetting on materials produced.

The Biosurveillance Coordination Unit uses full-time, dedicated staff to continue the registry work begun by SurvSAG, with the intent to expand the registry beyond CDC and beyond traditional public health surveillance to include surveillance in animal, plant, and environmental domains that relate to human health.

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