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The National Science and Technology Council created a Subcommittee on Smart Grid in July 2010, recognizing the vital role of smart grid technology as a component of President Obama's commitment to prepare for a 21st century grid. Drawing from ten Executive agencies, six offices within the White House, and three independent agencies serving in an advisory capacity, the Subcommittee was created to "provide policy recommendations and guidance for development of the Administration's Smart Grid policy," to "articulate a vision for the Smart Grid, including priorities, goals, and opportunities for Federal action," and to "develop a Smart Grid policy framework for the Administration, including a report for stakeholders."

The Subcommittee is promulgating a vision for a smarter grid including the core priorities and opportunities it presents; facilitating a strong, coordinated effort across federal agencies to develop smart grid policy; and developing "A Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid" which describes four goals the Obama Administration will pursue in order to ensure that all Americans benefit from investments in the Nation's electric infrastructure: better alignment of economic incentives to boost development and deployment of smart-grid technologies; a greater focus on standards and interoperability to enable greater innovation; empowerment of consumers with enhanced information to save energy, ensure privacy, and shrink bills; and improved grid security and resilience.

Consistent with the President's commitment to open, transparent, participatory, and collaborative governance,[1] the members of the Subcommittee have reached out to over one hundred stakeholders to better understand how the Federal Government can collaborate with partners across the country and set policies to make America's electric grid smarter.

References Edit

  1. Transparency and Open Government, at 4685.

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