Citation Edit

Storch v. Ipco Safety Products Co., 1997 WL 401589 (E.D. Pa. July 16, 1997) (memorandum and order).

Trial Court Proceedings Edit

The plaintiff contended that in order to ascertain the income that she would have derived from her former accounts, information had to be derived by developing a computer analysis of data based in part upon her past sales to her former clients. The court granted her motion to compel the production of the relevant information on computer disks:

This Court finds that in this age of high technology where much of our information is transmitted by computer and computer disks, it is not unreasonable for the defendant to produce the information on computer disk for the plaintiff. The defendant has not given sufficient reasons why it cannot provide the information on disk.[1]

References Edit

  1. Id. at *2 (citation omitted).

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