Citation Edit

State of Texas v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment, LLC (Nov. 21, 2005, District Ct. of Travis Cty., Tex.) (complaint).

Trial Court Proceedings Edit

On November 21, 2005, the State of Texas sued Sony BMG for surreptitiously installing spyware on millions of music compact discs (CDs) that consumers unknowingly loaded onto their computers when they play the CDs. The software hid itself on userscomputers using “rootkit” techniques common to spyware; opened security vulnerabilities on userscomputers; did not ask for user consent prior to installation; and “rooted” itself so deeply into a computer’s operating system that it could not readily be uninstalled.

Settlement Edit

In December 2006, Texas settled with the company, securing replacement CDs for consumers and restitution for damaged computers.

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