Overview Edit

The State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (STTAC) is a partnership of the California Department of Justice, the California Highway Patrol, the California Office of Homeland Security, and other state and federal agencies. It provides statewide assessments, information tracking, pattern-analysis products, and geographic report linkages, as well as regional investigative support throughout the state. It also provides California’s senior leaders with situational awareness of identified threats along with constant access to the latest local, state, and national intelligence products.

To complement the STTAC, California has created four mutually supporting Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Centers (RTTAC). Their areas of responsibility mirror those of the four Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Offices in the state. In some cases, they are colocated with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces to help minimize reporting conflicts, while facilitating the coordination of information among the STTAC, RTTACs, and the FBI.

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