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Definitions Edit

Spectrum (short for frequency spectrum or radiofrequency spectrum) is

[t]he range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used in the transmission of sound, data and television.[1]

The radiofrequency spectrum is "the portion of electromagnetic spectrum that carries radio waves."[2]

Overview Edit

Spectrum is segmented into bands of radio frequencies and typically measured in cycles per second, or hertz. Standard abbreviations for measuring frequencies include kHzkilohertz or thousands of hertz; MHzmegahertz, or millions of hertz; and GHzgigahertz, or billions of hertz.[3]

It is "a limited and valuable resource . . . used for all forms of wireless communication, including cellular telephony, radio and television broadcast, telephone radio relay, aeronautical and maritime radio navigation, and satellite command and control."[4]

References Edit

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See also Edit

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