Definition Edit

Space-weather events are

naturally occurring phenomena that have the potential to disrupt electric power systems; satellite, aircraft, and spacecraft operations; telecommunications; positioning, navigation, and timing services; and other technologies and infrastructures that contribute to the Nation's security and economic vitality. These critical infrastructures make up a diverse, complex, interdependent system of systems in which a failure of one could cascade to another. Given the importance of reliable electric power and space-based assets, it is essential that the United States has the ability to protect, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the potentially devastating effects of space weather.[1]

Overview Edit

"The effects of space-weather events on critical infrastructure systems and economic sectors depend on the severity of the event. The effects of an extreme space-weather event may require a coordinated national response and recovery."[2]

"Growing interdependencies among critical infrastructure systems and increasing reliance on electronic technologies have increased the Nation's vulnerability to space-weather events. Protection and mitigation efforts to eliminate or reduce space-weather vulnerabilities are essential missions of national preparedness. Protection focuses on developing capabilities and actions to secure the Nation from the effects of space weather, including vulnerability reduction. Mitigation focuses on minimizing risks, addressing cascading effects, and enhancing the resilience to disasters. Together, these preparedness missions frame a national effort to reduce the vulnerabilities and manage the risks associated with space-weather events. Implementation of these missions requires joint action from public and private stakeholders, due to the shared expertise and responsibilities embedded in the Nation's infrastructure systems."[3]

References Edit

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